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Accessible Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2018

Die Database of Early Pidgin and Creole Texts

Sprachplanung, Sprachideologien und Sprachattitüden gegenüber dem Pidginenglisch in Deutsch-Neuguinea

Magnus Huber and Viveka Velupillai


The Database of Early Pidgin and Creole Texts (DEPiCT) assembles early attestations and descriptions of contact languages and makes them searchable online. The annotation includes glosses of language samples as well as contextual and sociolinguistic information such as socio-biographical speaker information, the domains of language use or language attitudes. DEPiCT will facilitate a wide variety of linguistic studies on contact languages spoken in the colonial context. A handbook on colonial contact languages will accompany DEPiCT, describing the sources, previous historical studies as well as relevant aspects of the diachronic sociolinguistic and structural development of individual languages. The potential of DEPiCT is illustrated by a study of language planning and attitudes towards Pidgin English in the German colony of New Guinea.

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