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BY-NC-ND 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter 2019

Nunca un fin. Visións críticas sobre as Humanidades Dixitais a través de certos casos prácticos / Never an end. Critical views on Digital Humanities through specific case studies

From the book Humanidades Digitales

  • Xabier Ron Fernández


This contribution reflects on the Digital Humanities and adopts a critical approach. We ask for prudence and moderation so as not to turn what should be a tool into an aim in its own right. Taking into account the limitations of space, we provide an outline of digital critical editions which, paradoxically, are far from appropriate for being transferred to a digital format. In the end, many cases constitute a mere transposition. In addition to philological quality, researchers must clarify and show the types of decisions implied by their editorial project through markup languages, that is, they need to indicate which search and information-retrieval tools are offered to the user. As a practical example we refer to the digital critical edition of Raoul de Soissons undertaken by Ineke Hardy, an exception in the field of the trouvères.

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