Accessible Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2019

Around the World: Borders and Frames in Two Sixteenth-Century Norman Map Books

Camille Serchuk


This essay examines the complex network of relationships between cartography produced in sixteenth-century Normandy and other contemporary pictorial traditions. Focusing on the border motifs that adorned two volumes of maps made in the 1540s, it argues that the framing devices not only added value and luster to the books, but also helped the viewers of the books approach and understand the maps within them. The decoration of the books asserted their legitimate position in the libraries and on the desks of their owners; they connected the novel depiction of geography to other types of books that invited contemplation and sustained examination. Personalized for their viewers, in this case, the English king and the French crown prince, the borders of these map books drew on specific artistic forms and styles to ensure a warm reception for their appeals for royal patronage and favor.

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