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Empirically Informed Moral Intuitionism

Albert W. Musschenga


This chapter investigates whether the model of an empirically informed theory is also useful for connecting philosophical and psychological moral intuitionism. The authors exploration takes place in successive steps. Section 2 presents the author’s view on (moral) intuitions. Sections 3 and 4 offer an account of (moral) psychological intuitions as the product of unconscious and automatic processes. Section 5 discusses how psychological moral intuitions relate to philosophical moral intuitions. Section 6 deals with the relation between the justification of intuitions and their reliability, and discusses whether we need reasons to trust our intuitions. Section 7 deals with the reliability of unconscious and automatic processes in general. Section 8 discusses the reliability of psychological moral intuitions. Finally, section 9 offers some conclusions about sense and feasibility of an empirically informed moral intuitionism.

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