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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2020

Knowledge, practice and emotion in migration: The lifeworld of Chinese migrants in Germany

From the book Chinese Immigrants in Europe

  • Zhao Jing


Migration has broad consequences for three affected communities: the society of origin, the society of destination and the migrants themselves. Chinese migrants are the biggest Asian group in Germany with their numbers increasing rapidly in recent years. This research investigates the daily lives of Chinese immigrants in Germany with a focus on their daily activities across socio-cultural borders. Drawing from empirical fieldwork, this article delves into the complex lifeworld of Chinese immigrants in Germany. Qualitative methods involving a combination of multi-sited ethnography and participant observation are employed to discover how these migrants cope with the differences between China and their host country as transnational actors. This article also examines the manner in which they find diverse resources (e.g. legal context in Germany, social network, ethnicity etc.) and use them in order to optimize their living situations and the implications for their self-perception.

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