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BY-NC-ND 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter Oldenbourg 2021

Mixed-Methods and Multimethod Research

From the book Soziologie - Sociology in the German-Speaking World

  • Felix Knappertsbusch , Bettina Langfeldt and Udo Kelle


Mixed-methods and multimethod approaches, i.e. the combination of multiple (qualitative and/or quantitative) techniques for data collection and analysis in a single research design, have developed into an established branch of empirical social research and methodology. We show that the German-speaking research landscape is no exception to this trend and provide an overview of the most widely received actors and approaches. Moreover, we argue that the German-language discourse on method integration retains a certain “qualitative” leaning, because most of its prominent authors hail from that tradition.We describe the research areas in which mixed approaches are currently most prevalent (health, education, and evaluation research), highlighting that these are mostly interdisciplinary and applied fields, while traditional core areas of sociology seem to be more reluctant to follow this trend. We conclude with a discussion of future directions for mixed and multimethod research, including its further institutionalization within professional organizations and teaching curricula, as well as building a stronger link between methodological discourse and empirical research practice.

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