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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2021

1 A review on current status and future scope of hydrogen fuel cell technology in India and across globe

From the book Advanced Ceramics and Applications

  • Shabana P. S. Shaikh and Vojislav V. Mitic


Fuel cell is a electrochemical device that generates electricity from chemical energy through a chemical process between oxidizing and reducing agents. Due to the rapid vanishing of fossil fuel, there is a need to focus on the alternative energy sources to fulfil the need of electrical energy in the near future. Fuel cell is one of the best alternatives to provide the required energy in day to day and automotive and industrialapplications. Among all types of fuel cell, solid oxide fuel cell is the most potential fuel cell for generating high-efficiency power of energy above 100 KW due to reforming process without any pollution. Thus, this chapter will be helpful for young researchers and scientists to know the status of fuel cell in near future.

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