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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2021

18 Intelligent nanomaterials for medicine diagnostic and therapy application

From the book Advanced Ceramics and Applications

  • D. Lj Mirjanić and S. Pelemiš


Application of nanomaterials in biomedicine has an important place in research of nanomaterials. Nanomedical approaches are a major transforming factor in medical diagnosis and therapies. The great advantages of using nanomaterials in biomedical areas lie in their ability to operate on the same small scale as all the intimate biochemical functions involved in the growth, development and aging of the human body. Achieving full potential of nanomedicine may be years or even decades away; however, potential advances in drug delivery, diagnosis and development of nanotechnology-related drugs start to change the landscape of medicine. One of the main issues is certainly related to long-term safety of nanomaterials, both developed for in vitro and in vivo applications [1].

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