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1.4 Derek De Solla Price: The Father of Scientometrics

From the book Handbook Bibliometrics

  • Farshid Danesh and Ali Mardani-Nejad


The 1960s was a golden age in the quantitative sciences. The decade we witnessed was the age of different disciplines and studies expansion in science. One of the great pioneers and avant-gardes in the development of these fields can be called Derek De Solla Price. Price’s descriptions of “science of science” have led to the definition of scientometrics and he is famous as the father of this field. Price was one of those first who introduced “x number of authors” as one of the indicators of scientific activities in different countries. The costly activities of scientometrics were so valuable that Tibor Brown, the founder and editor-in-chief of the journal Scientometrics, created a prize in 1983 to commemorate Price’s work. This prize is the first and foremost international infometric prize awarded every two years. This chapter will cover his biography and his activities, and topics such as science of science, citation and referencing, the Price index, and his scientific growth pattern.

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