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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Saur 2021

4.5 PlumX Metrics (Plum Analytics) in Practice

From the book Handbook Bibliometrics

  • Juan Gorraiz and Christian Gumpenberger


Academic libraries are predestined to embrace usage metrics and altmetrics in order to provide innovative research support services. These new metrics should not be reduced to evaluative purposes only, but rather be appealing for researchers to promote their research outputs, enhance their visibility and increase the likeliness to be cited. This paper demonstrates two practical applications of altmetrics by means of PlumX: first, monitoring altmetrics data at the national and institutional level; and second, providing altmetrics as complementary data in bibliometric reports for research assessment. In the first case, monitoring analyses helped in revealing new trends and assessing to what extent usage and altmetrics data are already available and applicable. Altmetrics are still in their infancy and acceptance and uptake among researchers is slow, particularly in the humanities. However, our study hints at an increasing use of social media within the scholarly community in Austria. In the second case, our study corroborates that altmetrics provide additional information on the bigger picture concerning the broader impact of research output. Faculty- wide application is yet a scarce procedure with limited added-value, but their inclusion in the assessment of individual researchers is a service with an increasing demand, which can be particularly valuable in disciplines where traditional metrics are scarce and problematic. However, inclusion always requires preceding researcher’s consent and according education on the known shortcomings and restrictions. PlumX has proven to be a very useful tool in order to monitor the broader impact of the publication output, either at national, institutional or individual level. Its multidimensional aspect is explicitly noteworthy and useful.

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