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From the book Teaching Artistic Research

  • Pamela Bartar and Julia Poscharnig


Taking advantage of the feedback gained during the peer-learning workshop Epilogue on Social Value in the context of the international conference Teaching Artistic Research, the following article focuses on inter- and transdisciplinary, art-based approaches with a social claim that search for new ways of accessing findings and transferring potential into the field of art education (and beyond). We discuss our understanding of art education, science communication and multifaceted professional self-formation in reference to Thornton’s concept of the artist-teacher and Schön’s reflective practitioner. In addition, this paper questions what can be learned from experimenting with socially-engaged artistic research within the context of art and science education; what epistemic processes can be addressed with the help of art-based and multi-sensory approaches; and how work with textiles and textile-based narratives might contribute to new modes of knowledge, as well as offer an opportunity to initiate an artistic meta-research process. The workshop format is meant to break with conventional ways of thinking and comprehending art and research; it also deals with methodological otherness and the variety of protocols that make multifaceted findings relevant for scientific and societal contexts. The spotlight is put on the transformative potential of artistic research and can be understood as an iterative process of empowerment.

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