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8 Transforming Agriculture and Rurality: The Common Agricultural Policy, Actors, National Adaptation and Responses to Policy Challenges

From the book Living with the Land

  • Carine S. Germond and Kalliopi Geronymaki


Over the last 60 years, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) has profoundly transformed the European farming sector and agricultural policy making. With support measures for agricultural markets and structures and welfare provisions for farmers, the CAP attempted to resolve the “farm problem”-low farm income-and the “rural problem”-the preservation of family farming as an essential component of rural territories. The chapter outlines the historical trajectory of the CAP and examines its concrete impact in two Mediterranean countries, Italy and Greece, where the policy raised specific problems and challenges for farm actors. The chapter first outlines the policy’s historical development, with an emphasis on the actors and reforms implemented since the late 1960s. It then takes the Italian and Greek cases to illustrate the challenges that the adaptation to the CAP represented for these countries’ agricultural and rural sectors and actors.

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