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BY-NC-ND 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter Saur 2021

1 Exceptional Libraries and Distinctive Architecture: Celebrating Reuse

From the book New Libraries in Old Buildings

  • Robert Niess


This chapter traces some of the origins, developments and newer ten­dencies in reuse architecture from the perspective of the architect. Furthermore, it examines possible sustainability issues and qualities, beyond the obvious recy­cling aspect, inherently rooted in the practice of reuse architecture. The chapter also provides insight into some of the practical aspects of conversion and adap­tive reuse from the planning stage at the drawing board to the reality of the build­ing site, while maintaining a theoretical underpinning of this praxis, which the author considers to be a genre of its own. Accompanying the theoretical and prac­tical overview, the chapter casts a critical eye over the relationship of formalised historic preservation methods and traditions in relation to the growth and popu­larity of reuse architecture and questions its future trajectory.

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