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BY-NC-ND 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter Saur 2021

11 Repurposing a Grocery Store for the Joutsa Public Library in Finland

From the book New Libraries in Old Buildings

  • Nina Kuikka


In 2004, the new Joutsa Public Library moved into a renovated former grocery store. Everyone benefitted. The library found a perfect location in the middle of the municipal service centre, which was spared one more sad, empty building. The preparation phase was long and complicated having commenced in 1995. But the renovation phase was quick and took only six months. The building dates from the late 1970s. Few major structural changes were needed to improve the appearance, safety and usability. The result is very flexible with much-appre­ciated creative shelving solutions and space arrangements. Skilful architects did an excellent job, and the customers find it difficult to believe the origin of the building. The use of the library has increased with greater numbers of customers, increased loans and enhanced event participation justifying the approach taken and demonstrating its success.

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