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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2019

Bridging contexts in the reanalysis of naturally as a sentence adverb: A corpus study

Dagmar Haumann and Kristin Killie


This paper argues that the delimitation of bridging contexts (Heine 2002) for the reanalysis of narrow-scope naturally as a sentence adverb feeds on the interplay of a number of syntactic factors. The overarching factor is the presence of a full left periphery as instantiated in matrix clauses and certain types of subordinate clauses, notably those that have independent illocutionary force (Haegeman 2002, 2012). The relative scope of naturally vis-à-vis other sentence elements, such as sentential negation or other adverbs, is an additional structural determinant for the bridging contexts for naturally. In addition to syntactic factors, the reanalysis of naturally is subject to lexical, pragmatic and contextual constraints.

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