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Chapter 11 Resolving Digital Conflicts – Using Community Wisdom for Conflict Resolution Education and Practice in the Digital Era

From the book Volume I Contemporary Trends in Conflict and Communication

  • Rachelly Ashwall-Yakar


This chapter describes the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) initiative ‘Agree-Online,’ which utilizes community wisdom to increase the possibilities for conflict resolution. Community Wisdom refers to the knowledge gained through sharing different perspectives within a community (identified as people who share a demographic category such as age range, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or profession) “where greater value is placed on collective intelligence and collective problem solving” (Zoref, 2005, 5). Our study has revealed both digital conflict characteristics and the most common ways to overcome them, as suggested by the digital community of Generation-Z in Israel. This new knowledge may contribute to both the field of Conflict Resolution Education (CRE) and the field of Online Dispute Resolution. Through this study, we can learn from the wisdom of digital natives, as well as equip future generations with relevant skills to deal with online conflict and become digital citizens who possess both social and emotional skills that fit their needs in the 21st century.

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