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Publicly Available Published by De Gruyter 2021

Chapter 2 Deathworld of the City of Łódź: Insider Experience

From the book Deathworlds to Lifeworlds

  • Krzysztof Konecki


The chapter explains the lived experiences of the city of Łódź from an insider, Konecki, who has lived in Łódź for most of his life. Valerie Bentz, outsider, who was visiting professor and principal researcher on the project of collaboration among strangers describes her lived experiences in the City of Łódź in the next chapter. The paper is based on the concepts of Lifeworld (Schütz 1962) and Deathworld (Bentz et al. 2018) as the sensitizing concepts (Blumer 1969) that led the analysis. The problems of pollution, the dirt, the danger of living in the city but also the positive sides of living in the city (the tradition, beautiful secession architecture, the development of the city) and the issue of awareness of Lifeworld and ontological anxiety will be considered from a phenomenological perspective. The strategies of dealing with the anxiety will be described from the first-person perspective, as using the natural attitude epoché, “others do the same,” “nothing happened so far,” “do not worry,” “I soon leave this place,” “let’s practice yoga,” “the air in the city is good for nature’s allergic sufferers,” etc. The problem of a death zone close to the city will be also presented (in photos) and reflectively considered in the paper. A reflection on the relationship of the everyday Lifeworld and Deathworld from the point of view of the concept of finite province of meaning will also be addressed.

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