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BY 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter 2021

Die Konstellation nach den Massenmedien. Zur Begründbarkeit von Normen öffentlicher Kommunikation

Andreas Langenohl


This article reads the current crisis of the political public as a crisis of the norms which allow for a critique of public communication. Despite all criticism, the notion of the public sphere proposed by Jurgen Habermas is still a valuable starting point for analysis, offering a social-theoretical foundation for proposing, and reflecting on, norms to judge public political communication; this foundation mainly consists in the reconstruction of the normativity of social practice. The post-mass-media constellation also reveals that political communication cannot be reduced, from a normative or theoretical perspective, to rational argumentation in traditional mass media. The article discusses three practical dimensions of these “new” public spheres and examines them with respect to their normative foundations and the forms of reflection they facilitate: the practice of non-propositional communication as opposed to the practice of argumentation, fictional vs. factual representation, as well as polemical and emotional positioning which deviates from a universalist ‘view from nowhere’.

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