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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2021

Indirect Relations and Frames: Coreference in Context

From the book Context Dependence in Language, Action, and Cognition

  • Magdalena Zawisławska , Maciej Ogrodniczuk and Michał Szczyszek


The main goal of this paper is to analyze coreference in the broader context of semantic and pragmatic relations in Polish discourse. The first section describes problems with the annotation of indirect relations in Polish using a model compiled from previous annotation projects. We focus on the creation of a typology of indirect relations within a discourse. However, while the annotation revealed many new interesting features of coreference, we noticed that further expansion of relations would hinder the process of annotation. Therefore, a different approach had to be tested. An experiment using frame semantic annotation was then conducted. Frame semantics offers a more integrated view of coreference in context-that is, other types of semantic and pragmatic concatenations in the world of discourse and the paralinguistic world. Further, using a frame analysis is a very promising method-not only does it widen coreference annotation and allows one to consider the broad context, but it also predicts the level of text complexity.

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