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The Contribution of the Speculum historiale to the History of the Latin Risālat al-Kindī and the Corpus Cluniacense

From the book The Latin Qur’an, 1143–1500

  • Florence Ninitte


Vincent de Beauvais’ Speculum historiale (SH) includes a group of chapters on Islam and its Prophet (Book XXIV, c. 39-67), mainly based on a compilation of excerpts from the Latin translation of the Risālat alKindī (AK-Lat). Though the SH presents an abridged yet faithful version of the AK-Lat, it contains a Qur’anic verse (Q 15:47), within the description of the Islamic paradise, which does not appear in any manuscript of the Corpus Cluniacense. The aim of this article is to evaluate what the presence of this additional verse within the SH can tell us about the history of the AK-Lat and the Corpus Cluniacense.

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