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The Glosses on Mark of Toledo’s Alchoranus Latinus

Nàdia Petrus Pons


Mark of Toledo finalized his Alchoranus Latinus in 1210 under commission of Rodrigo Jimenez de Rada, the Archbishop of Toledo at the time. This translation of the Qur’an into Latin was the second one, after that realized by Robert of Ketton in 1143. As it is well known, Mark of Toledo’s Alchoranus Latinus was not widely diffused as Ketton’s Alchoran Latinum. In fact, there are only seven manuscripts of Mark’s Latin version meanwhile Ketton’s extant in 24. This work studies the glosses preserved in these seven manuscripts. It focus attention on what kind of glosses they are, whether they are all the same or completely different, whether they refer to the content of the text or are apologetical comments, whether they were copied by the copyist himself or added by a later reader. All these data will help to determinate which set of glosses it is.1

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