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Qur’an Quotations in the Liber de Doctrina Mahumet

From the book The Latin Qur’an, 1143–1500

  • Ulisse Cecini


This contribution studies the Qur’an quotations contained in the Liber de doctrina Mahumet, the Latin version of the tenth-century (third-century H.) Arabic work Masāʾil ʿAbdallāh ibn Salām, translated from Arabic into Latin by Hermann of Carinthia in 1143 (537H.) and part, together with Robert of Ketton’s Qur’an translation, of the so-called corpus islamolatinum commissioned by the Cluniac Abbot Peter the Venerable. Each Qur’an quotation is identified and compared with Robert of Ketton’s translation as well as with the Arabic text of the Masāʾil ʿAbdallāh ibn Salām, taken directly from its manuscript transmission. On the one hand, this allows ascertaining the independence of Hermann’s translation from Robert’s. On the other hand, it discloses the complex textual tradition of the Masāʾil ʿAbdallāh ibn Salām and its multiple versions.

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