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The Bellús Qur’an, Martín García, and Martín de Figuerola: The Study of the Qur’an and Its Use in the Sermones de la Fe and the Disputes with Muslims in the Crown of Aragon in the Sixteenth Century

From the book The Latin Qur’an, 1143–1500

  • Xavier Casassas Canals


The Bellus Qur’an is one of the few testimonies we have about the process of working and studying collaboratively on the text of the Qur’an. This manuscript preserves traces of all of the phases and the figures involved in this process, from the initial work of the Muslim scribe who produced a careful, professional copy, to the insertion of the explanatory glosses in the margins and the marking up of parts of the text that were considered of interest and that would later be used in sermons and different kinds of works written with the goal of converting Muslims. It is a very important piece of evidence that still awaits an exhaustive interdisciplinary analysis, which will enable us to understand much more clearly the method of studying the Qur’an that was followed in the Crown of Aragon by both Christians and Muslims or former Muslims.

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