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“Men and women are wonderfully alike after all”. The Practical Adaption of Hegel by Anna C. Brackett (1836–1911)

From the book The Owl's Flight

  • Andreas Giesbert


Anna C. Brackett was a Hegelian feminist thinker writing in nineteenth- century US-America. This article presents her life and work in the context of early American Hegelianism and gives special emphasis to her argument for the equality of the sexes. Crucial for this argument is Brackett’s adaption of a Hegelian theory of pedagogy as part of her practical and theoretical endeavors to upvalue and professionalize pedagogy. This, it is argued, gleans heavily from Hegelian idealism, with its concomitant philosophy of human nature informing Brackett’s desire to overcome gender inequality. The overarching theme is to show how Brackett’s theory of education aims in particular at establishing a philosophical justification for a renewed vision of women’s education to achieve a more equal position for women in society.

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