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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2021

Narrative Schemata in polnischer mittelalterlicher Historiographie zu deutsch-polnischen Kontakten

Andrzej Pleszczyński


The aim of the article is to select and analyze the most important trends existing in Polish writing in the Middle Ages, which determined the formation of opinions about Germans and their country. The author wants to find the main ideas controlling the views of Polish historiographers in the Middle Ages dealing with the subject. The issue is quite extensive and complex, so in this text only its outline is presented, the main theses that, according to the author, could explain the phenomenon. A kind of mosaic of diverse views on the Germans, which can be found in the sources, was dominated in the High Middle Ages by an extremely influential, topically strong narrative created by two chroniclers: Gallus Anonymous (early 12th century) and Wincenty Kadłubek (early 13th century). The paradigm of recognizing Germans as uncompromising enemies of Poles, written in the works of these authors, influenced a great number of assessments formed by Polish medieval chroniclers and even modern historians.

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