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BY 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter 2023

Buddhist Chaplaincy and Care Practices

From the book Complexities of Spiritual Care in Plural Societies

  • Carola Roloff


This article introduces Buddhist chaplaincy and care practices and briefly analyses the field’s current state. Taking mindfulness as an example, I discuss what it means to be a Buddhist chaplain or caregiver and argue that Buddhists of different denominations have much in common, while their views and practices may differ. I give insight into the practices and rituals that are helpful in existential crises, conflict, disease, and death when religious belonging becomes essential, and discuss Buddhist chaplaincy in contemporary societies. Practices rooted in Buddhist teachings such as mindfulness and meditation strongly influence the development of secular - but Buddhism is far more than that. It not only means transforming our minds, attitudes, and behaviour, but also developing insight into reality and other essential virtues Buddhist chaplains need to cultivate.

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