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BY 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter 2023

Spiritual care in an interfaith context: Implications for Buddhist, Muslim, and Hindu spiritual care in the Netherlands

From the book Complexities of Spiritual Care in Plural Societies

  • Anke I. Liefbroer , Stef Lauwers , Pieter Coppens and Bikram Lalbahadoersing


This chapter considers the implications of an interfaith context for the way in which spiritual care takes shape. We focus on Buddhist, Islamic, and Hindu perspectives that represent relatively ‘new’ traditions in the field of spiritual care in the Netherlands. We describe the developments and characteristics of spiritual care in this context from each of these traditions, and discuss the implications of working with clients with a different religious or spiritual orientation. A comparison of the three perspectives shows both similarities and differences that help us to deepen our understanding of the implications of religious and spiritual diversity for spiritual care provision in the Netherlands.

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