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Kantian Lange Weile Within the Contemporary Psychology of Boredom

From the book Kant on Emotions

  • Josefa Ros Velasco


The phenomenon of boredom is the subject of much current research. Its analysis, however, is no longer solely the purview of the philosophers, writers, and theologians of past centuries, but of scientists. Currently, specialists responsible for investigating the eternal question of boredom are often contemporary psychologists and psychiatrists, cognitive neuroscientists, and experts in fMRI technologies. How does the Kantian anthropology of boredom fit into this new research panorama? In this chapter, I introduce both the study of boredom within the contemporary psychological and psychiatric mainstream, as well as within the Kantian anthropology of boredom, to show that Kantian statements support, on the one hand, the view of boredom understood as a mental pathology and, on the other, the association of boredom with the socio-economic structures of modernity.

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