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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton 2022

Variation and Socio-cultural Embodiment in Metaphors for Social Change

Manuela Romano and M Dolores Porto


Metaphor, in the last years, has revealed to be not only a fundamental tool for human thought and reasoning, but also a powerful strategy for semantic change as well as social action. Recent usage-based research on metaphor in discourse evidences that the new affordances of communication in mass and social media have accelerated and spread semantic change through processes of creativity, multimodality and transmodality, among others. The present paper overviews some of the most recent research on metaphorical creativity and recontextualization within especially relevant socio-political events taking place in Spain and worldwide, namely the new feminisms, the “tides” movement and the “Reframe COVID” initiative. The wide variety of persuasive discourse types analysed intends to show how society can be transformed through the use of creative, novel metaphors that are contributing to revise the meanings and values of salient concepts shared by the community.

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