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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton 2022

Cognitive Sociolinguistics in Northeastern Peninsular Romance Frontier Varieties

Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuñano, Andrea Ariño-Bizarro and María Teresa Moret-Oliver


Frontier varieties are the result of a continuous multilinguistic contact situation. Given their “transition” and “mixed” character, these varieties are known to have an elusive genetic filiation and to raise conflicting linguistic attitudes among speakers. This chapter explores one of the Western Romance continua in Aragon (Spain): the north (Aragonese)-south (Catalan) continuum. More concretely, it focuses on the Valley of Isabena where speakers, albeit Spanish, speak an Aragonese-Catalan transition variety: the “Isabena Frontier Variety” (IFV). Based on fieldwork data (personal interviews and oral elicited semi-directed narratives) from four native IFV speakers, this chapter discusses IFV speakers’ own linguistic identity and attitudes toward their variety and then, provides a detailed linguistic characterisation of this frontier variety. The chapter concludes with a cognitive (socio)linguistic explanation to the phenomena found in the IFV.

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