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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton 2022

Intra- and Inter-textual Syntactic Priming in Original and Translated English

From the book Cognitive Sociolinguistics Revisited

  • Gert De Sutter , Timothy Colleman and Anne-Sophie Ghyselen


This article presents and discusses the results from a corpus-based study on the variation between English complement clauses with and without that in original versus translated English. The study is primarily aimed at disentangling the effects of, on the one hand, intratextual structural priming, i.e. the influence from a relevantly similar construction produced earlier in the (target) text, and, on the other hand, intertextual priming from the source text to the target text, i.e. the influence from a relatively similar source language construction encountered in the to be translated stretch of source text. The results indicate that whereas regular intratextual priming has the expected effect in the original English texts, this effect disappears in the translated texts, where intertextual priming turns out to be the most relevant mechanism.

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