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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2021

Zum Autofiktionsbegriff aus klassisch-philologischer Perspektive anhand von Ovids poetischer Autobiographie (trist. 4,10) – oder Autofiktion?

Stefan Feddern


The term autofiction from a classical philological perspective based on Ovid’s poetic autobiography (trist. 4.10) - or autofiction? In this article, the term „autofiction“ will first be examined from a classical-philological perspective by considering the modern autofiction concepts with regard to their connection with fiction and by making considerations about their application to ancient texts. In a second part, this theoretical discussion is supplemented by a practical analysis of Ovid’s poetic autobiography (trist. 4.10). The conclusion that the approach to interpret trist. 4.10 as an autofictional text must be viewed with skepticism also advises caution when dealing with the concepts of fiction and autofiction with a view to Ovid’s exile poetry in general.

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