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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton 2023

Improving fossilized English pronunciation by simultaneously viewing a video footage of oneself on an ICT self-learning system

From the book Second Language Pronunciation

  • Yuri Nishio and Akiyo Joto


Teaching pronunciation by using the names of the letters of the alphabet can contribute to accurate pronunciation, as half of all English phonemes are included when the letters of the alphabet are pronounced (e.g., /b/+/iː/ for B). However, when pronouncing the names of the letters, Japanese learners tend to replace some English sounds with similar Japanese ones, and this can lead to fossilization of incorrect pronunciation. This paper thus examined whether an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) self-learning system is effective in improving the fossilized sounds found in learners’ pronunciation of the names of the alphabet letters in English. This system offers learners an opportunity to view real-time videos of themselves. The approach was found to improve fossilized English pronunciation, especially with consonants.

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