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Chapter 22 Women and Organizational Conflict Management: Promoting Human Rights and Challenging Gender Bias

From the book De Gruyter Handbook of Organizational Conflict Management

  • Jessica Senehi and Michele Lemonius


Women’s experience of conflict management in organizations is shaped by social understandings of gender - that is, what it means to be a “woman.” This can happen in two broad ways. First, gender-based discrimination, harassment, and violence are a violation of women‘s human rights; individuals, managers, and organizations need to be prepared to ensure a fair, just, and safe workplace. Second, gendered worldviews into which people have been socialized may create bias in various ways of which people may be largely unaware, and that impacts how women’s behavior is seen in the workplace and even how conflicts are addressed. This chapter seeks to provide a background on women in organizational conflict management in the following ways. First, a theoretical background is provided. Next, current research on women’s human rights and the role of gender in the conflict management are presented. Finally, best practices are reviewed.

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