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9 Participant indexing I: The Actor, Dative and Genitive prefixes

From the book A Grammar of Coastal Marind

  • Bruno Olsson


This chapter contains an overview of participant indexing on the verb (§9.1), and detailed descriptions of Actor (§9.2), Dative (§9.3), Genitive (§9.4) and role-neutral 1pl (§9.5) indexing. Special uses of indexing are described in the section on inclusory and associative indexing (§9.6). Note that a terminological distinction is made between indexing and agreement in this grammar. Indexing is used only in relation to the verbal affixes in the four affix sites just mentioned. Agreement is used for agreement in gender among nominal targets, which primarily is manifested as stem-internal vowel-alternations in e.g. demonstratives and adjectives (Chapter 5), and for verb prefixes that show the same patterns of vowel alternations (e.g. the Continuative, §14.2.4).

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