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BY 4.0 license Open Access Published by De Gruyter 2022

Corpus Annotation as a Feasible and Scientifically Beneficial Task

From the book CLARIN

  • Eva Hajičová , Jan Hajič , Barbora Hladká , Jiří Mírovský , Lucie Poláková , Kateřina Rysová , Magdaléna Rysová , Pavel Straňák , Barbora Štěpánková and Šárka Zikánová


The aim of the present chapter is to demonstrate that a well-designed and theoretically founded corpus annotation contributes significantly to the use of the corpus for testing a linguistic theory and its further development. The data for our analyses come from the Prague Dependency Treebank family, both monolingual Czech and parallel English-Czech, and concern the underlying syntactic level of language description and the annotation of discourse structure. In particular, the case studies concern three research questions, namely (i) the semantic relevance of information structure of the sentence, (ii) the relation between focus sensitive particles and discourse connectives with respect to the semantics of discourse relations, and (iii) the relation between primary and secondary connectives. In the Appendix, some data on measuring inter-annotator agreement are presented and discussed.

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