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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter 2023

Early Divine Christology: Scripture, Narrativity and Confession in Luke-Acts

From the book Scripture and Theology

  • Luuk van de Weghe


Luke’s corpus presents a complex portrait of Jesus. In terms of his messianic identity, Luke-Acts crafts Jesus in regal and prophetic categories, while it also presents him as the κύριος (Lord) through various trajectories within the narrative. First, it is argued that Luke’s reliance on diverse written and oral sources could account for this complexity. Second, it is argued that Luke appears to develop his κύριος Christology in accordance with this complexity, enhancing Jesus’ divine lordship in respect to the perspectives within his narrative. Overall, Luke presents not merely a biographical depiction of Jesus, but through his variegated portrait he presents what it looks like for the κύριος to become the Christ.

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