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Narrating Conflicts in Post-Truth Era: Facing Revisionist Russia. Ukraine and Georgia in a Comparative Perspective

From the book Instrumentalizing the Past

  • Malkhaz Toria and Mykola Balaban


The chapter focuses on how populist claims to historical truth reached “new heights” in the framework of the ideological construct of the Russkiy Mir (Russian World) that has proved a fertile field for yielding post-truths. The authors observe president Vladimir Putin’s historical justifications of Russia’s military interventions and presence in Georgia and in Ukraine (defending Abkhaz and Ossetian ethnic minorities and “compatriots” in the eastern Ukraine from aggressions of the NATO’s “marionette” governments of Kyiv and Tbilisi). They also cover Ukrainian and Georgian counter-narratives which portray conflicts with contemporary Russia as battles against their aspirations to “re-join” the West

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