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Figuren- und Dingidentitäten

Wigalois und seine Hilfsmittel in Text und Bild

From the book Artusroman und Bildlichkeit

  • Sandra Hofert


Wirnt von Grafenberg’s hero Wigalois is presented in the course of his adventures with a number of objects (Hilfsmittel) which support him on his path and allow us to identify the various roles the hero embodies. The article categorises and compares functions of depicted objects and their links to these roles in the two illustrated manuscripts. In the miniatures of the Leiden codex, Wigalois appears as a ›hybrid‹ hero: a courtly knight and lover, heroic warrior and mythic or religious hero who is integrated within a network of figures and forces which he transcends. In the miniatures of the Donaueschingen (now Karlsruhe) codex, on the other hand, Wigalois’ acquired objects recede or disappear and he is presented primarily as a stereotypical courtier-knight whose ideal characteristics become visible through his cultured way of behaving.

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