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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton 2023

Transdisciplinarity as a solution to the challenges of the contemporary world

From the book Volume 2

  • Basarab Nicolescu


Technological singularity is defined as a hypothetical event in which artificial intelligence would be capable of recursive self-improvement or of autonomously building machines smarter and more powerful than itself, up to the point of an intelligence explosion, that yields an intelligence surpassing all current human control or understanding. In this paper, I review the different opinions expressed around this idea and around the idea of transhumanism. I also analyze the phenomenon of panterrorism and the theme of the anthropocene. I formulate the hypothesis that the transdisciplinary interaction of philosophy and spirituality with other sciences, exact and human, is the privileged means of resistance to the new barbarism. I call transdisciplinary philosophy the philosophy which integrates transdisciplinary methodology.

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