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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton 2023

The anthropological dimension of Greimas’ narrative semiotics

From the book Volume 2

  • Jacques Fontanille


This paper explores the anthropological dimension of Greimas’ semiotics, alongside the linguistic and phenomenological dimensions. This inquiry reveals the need to complement this theory with more recent theoretical insights, so to answer more comprehensively to contemporary issues. Particularly, discussions in media studies on retransmission, remediation and re-enunciation and schemas considered in recent anthropology can lend themselves to broadening the scope of Greimas’ narrative semiotics. While currently trends in media studies, the former notions are traceable back to the structuralist semiotic frameworks that Greimas was also involved with. As such, here they are discussed in regard to the notion of semiotic regimes. The paper offers an encompassing model for studying human relations by enriching anthropology with narratological concepts as well as vice versa.

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