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Notes on the Marine Algae of the Bermudas. 5. Some Delesseriaceae (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta), Including the First Record of Hypoglossum barbatum Okamura from the Atlantic Ocean

C. W. Schneider
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Apoglossum gregarium (E. Y. Dawson) M. J. Wynne, Hypoglossum barbatum Okamura, H. rhizophorum D. L. Ballant. et M. J. Wynne, H. subsimplex M. J. Wynne, and Platysiphonia caribaea D. L. Ballant. et M. J. Wynne are reported from the Bermudas for the first time. On the basis of vegetative and reproductive characteristics, Hypoglossum barbatum is distinguished from two species with similar branching patterns, H. simulans M. J. Wynne, I. R. Price et D. L. Ballant. and H. wynnei I. A. Abbott. Previously published records of H. barbatum from Natal, South Africa are now recognized as H. nipponicum Yamada. Additional species of Delesseriaceae known from the islands and again recently collected are discussed.

Published Online: 2005-06-01
Published in Print: 2000-09-07

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