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Removal of Heavy Metals from Solution Using Dried Brown Seaweed Material

W. A. Stirk and J. van Staden
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The heavy metal adsorption capacity of a waste product from the manufacture of the seaweed concentrate Kelpak, made from Ecklonia maxima, was tested to determine its heavy metal adsorbance capacity. Three dried and milled Phaeophyta—Ecklonia maxima, Macrocystis angustifolia and Laminaria pallida were also tested for comparative purposes. Copper, zinc and cadmium adsorption was measured over time (0–24 h) and at a range of concentrations likely to be encountered in waste water situations (0–100 mg L−1). All the algal biomasses tested were able to sequester ions from solutions. Zinc adsorbance was the least effective. Adsorbance by the Kelpak waste was equal or superior to the other algal biomasses, suggesting that there is potential to develop this for industrial purposes.

Published Online: 2005-06-01
Published in Print: 2000-09-07

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