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Fungal endophytes associated with Kandelia candel (Rhizophoraceae) in Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hong Kong

Ka-Lai Pang, Lilian L.P. Vrijmoed, Teik Khiang Goh, Narumol Plaingam and E.B. Gareth Jones
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We examined the endophytic fungi associated with the dominant mangrove plant, Kandelia candel, in Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hong Kong. Bark, woody tissue and leaves from four mature healthy trees were sampled for fungal endophytes in April and June, 2001. A total of 880 isolates was obtained, 595 from the June sampling. The highest number of fungal endophytes was cultured from bark (674 isolates) with only 63 from leaves. Three taxa of ascomycetes, 18 of anamorphic fungi and 29 mycelial morphotypes were identified. These results indicate a degree of tissue recurrence with similar endophytic fungal assemblages in bark and wood, and a different assemblage in the leaf samples. Dominant sporulating fungi of K. candel were Phomopsis sp., Pestalotiopsis sp., Guignardia sp. and Xylaria sp., which are cosmopolitan and common endophytic species.

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Received: 2007-2-27
Accepted: 2007-7-31
Published Online: 2008-03-07
Published in Print: 2008-06-01

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