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Review of bioactive compounds from fungi in the South China Sea

Jia-Hui Pan, E.B. Gareth Jones, Zhi-Gang She, Ji-Yan Pang and Yong-Cheng Lin
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A diverse array of bioactive metabolites have been isolated and characterized from fungi isolated from countries surrounding the South China Sea. From extensive studies of marine fungi of the South China Sea, 25 fungal strains (comprising endophytes, obligate and marine-derived fungi) were screened for bioactive compounds. This resulted in the reporting of 42 new or novel compounds and 35 known compounds (data from 1999–2007). Their biological activities, structural and stereochemical assignments and syntheses of some structurally unique natural products are reported.

Corresponding author

Received: 2008-2-5
Accepted: 2008-4-23
Published Online: 2008-06-01
Published in Print: 2008-06-01

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