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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter February 7, 2008

Urbicius' Epitedeuma: an edition, translation and commentary

Geoffrey Greatrex, Hugh Elton and Richard Burgess
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Urbicius' Epitedeuma is a short pamphlet offering military advice during the reign of the emperor Anastasius (491–518). Although it is included in some of the manuscripts of Maurice's Strategikon, it was not printed by Dennis and Gamillscheg in their recent edition. The only modern text we know of was published by Mihăescu in his 1970 edition of Maurice's Strategikon, along with a Romanian translation. The next most recent text of Urbicius is in Scheffer's 1664 edition. Furthermore, the most easily accessible English discussion of Urbicius, in PLRE 2, contains several errors. Here we present an introduction to, a text and English translation of, and commentary on, this neglected work.

Published Online: 2008-02-07
Published in Print: 2005-October-25

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