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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton February 10, 2009

Constructions at work or at rest?

Rens Bod
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We question whether Adele Goldberg fulfills her self-declared goal in “Constructions at Work”, i.e. to develop a usage-based theory that “can produce an open-ended number of novel utterances based on a finite amount of input”. We point out converging trends in computational linguistics that suggest formalizations of Construction Grammar. In particular, we go into recent developments in Data-Oriented Parsing, such as U-DOP and LFG-DOP, that produce an unlimited number of new utterances based on a finite number of stored form-meaning pairs.

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Received: 2007-10-23
Revised: 2008-03-22
Published Online: 2009-02-10
Published in Print: 2009-February

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