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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter Mouton November 27, 2006

Memory for televised advertisements as a function of program context, viewer-involvement, and gender

  • Adrian Furnham EMAIL logo and Marie-Therese Price
From the journal Communications


This study examined the recall of car and food advertisements within either a car or food television program to investigate the relationship between recall, program content, and viewer involvement. The participants, 92 (52 male, 40 female) sixth-form (high school) students, aged between 16–17 years, were randomly assigned to one of four conditions. As predicted, advertisements placed within a program of dissimilar content were recalled significantly better than if placed within a program of similar content. A gender bias in recall was found with females recalling female-orientated products significantly better than males. Viewer-involvement ratings factored onto three factor clusters: enjoyable, cheerful, and humorous. Negative correlations were shown between cheerfulness and recall in the car program, and positive correlations were shown between cheerfulness and recall in the food program. Finally, implications of the results were considered.

Published Online: 2006-11-27
Published in Print: 2006-06-01

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