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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter June 27, 2008

Towards a Framework for the Regulation of Corporate Groups' Insolvencies

  • Heribert Hirte
From the journal

Corporate groups are a well-known phenomenon of corporate law that has been subject to extensive academic scrutiny, last but not least in this journal. The corporate personality is strangely at odds with both the everyday-life and the economic perception of big natioal and international concerns like General Motors, Volkswagen or Siemens as one business enterprise. Things become even more complicated in insolvency proceedings, in particular in a cross-border context. The separate legal personalities of the group companies seem to stand in the way of lean proceedings where one adminsitrator at one forum deals with one common pool of assets. This article shows however that also within the “separation priciple”, there are several ways forward to a more efficient management of group insolvencies.

Published Online: 2008-06-27
Published in Print: 2008-June
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