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Licensed Unlicensed Requires Authentication Published by De Gruyter August 31, 2009

Affine actions on nilpotent Lie groups

Dietrich Burde, Karel Dekimpe and Sandra Deschamps
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To any connected and simply connected nilpotent Lie group N, one can associate its group of affine transformations Aff (N). In this paper, we study simply transitive actions of a given nilpotent Lie group G on another nilpotent Lie group N, via such affine transformations.

We succeed in translating the existence question of such a simply transitive affine action to a corresponding question on the Lie algebra level. As an example of the possible use of this translation, we then consider the case where dim(G) = dim(N) ≤ 5.

Finally, we specialize to the case of abelian simply transitive affine actions on a given connected and simply connected nilpotent Lie group. It turns out that such a simply transitive abelian affine action on N corresponds to a particular Lie compatible bilinear product on the Lie algebra 𝔫 of N, which we call an LR-structure.

Received: 2008-01-22
Published Online: 2009-08-31
Published in Print: 2009-September

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